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Thanks to the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, we reached our goal with their dollar-for-dollar match in the final phase!

SPARC’s first capital campaign, which began in 2008 with the move into the SPARC Center, has successfully reached its goal of $6.0 million!

Your support has made these dreams a reality:


  • Provide a bright, spacious environment for exceptional performing arts training and outreach programs with expanded instructional space, including two new educational studios and eight private instruction rooms, tripling the number of students we can serve on campus.
  • Ensure full accessibility to all spaces for students and guests with disabilities.
  • Protect the safety of our students with upgraded exterior drop-off and pick-up locations.
  • Increase office capacity to bring over 60 adjunct faculty and staff together for creative workspace, greater efficiency and a healthier work environment.
  • Establish the general endowment fund to support new performing arts education initiatives and ensure that no child is denied the opportunity for a SPARC experience because of an inability to afford tuition.

Give to the Campaign

SPARC has surpassed its goal of $6.0 million, and there’s still more to do. Please join us!

Give to the Campaign


Our Goal: $6.0 Million


Become a permanent part of SPARC’s history.

The front walk at the newly expanded entrance to the SPARC Center welcomes students, families, and guests to a beautifully renovated space. The entry to the bright, spacious environment is home to exceptional performing arts training and outreach programs with expanded instructional space, including new educational studios, private instruction rooms, and the Sara Belle November Educational Theater.

The new entrance is fully accessible for students and guests with disabilities.

The facade of the SPARC Center is equally as inviting, providing families a welcoming, freshly landscaped area to keep company during students’ classes or intermission during performances.

By engraving a message on a brick or paving stone at the SPARC Center, you will become a permanent part of SPARC’s history. At the same time, you will be providing valuable support for our efforts to create a world-class performing arts education facility for generations to come.

Engrave a Paver

Naming Opportunities in the SPARC Center

Building I $1,500,000 SOLD: TBA
Atrium – Main Entrance $500,000 Available
Educational Studio A $500,000 SOLD: Steve and Kathie Markel
Educational Studio B (upstairs) $250,000 SOLD: Mary Morton Parsons Fdn.
Educational Studio C (upstairs) $250,000 Available
Theater Lobby $200,000 SOLD: In memory of Jeri Cutler-Voltz
SPARC Center Administration Lobby $150,000 SOLD: Pauley Family Foundation
Theater Entrance/Portico $100,000 SOLD: Rejena Carreras
Educational Performing Arts Theater $300,000 SOLD: Neil and Sara Belle November
Stage $100,000 Available
Green Room $15,000 Available
Dressing Rooms (3) $15,000 ea. Available
Box Office $100,000 SOLD: In honor of Susan Slade Hudgins
Faculty/Staff/Volunteer Break Room $15,000 SOLD: The Carpenter Foundation
Elevator $150,000 SOLD: True Farr Luck
Scene Shop/ Instructional Space $10,000 SOLD: Disharoon Family
Administrative Spaces/Offices –
Board/Conference Room $50,000 SOLD: The Richard S. Reynolds Fdn.
Executive Director $35,000 SOLD: Virginia Seargent Reynolds Fdn.
Program Offices (7) $25,000 ea. SOLD: Various
Recognition Paver $2000 large, $1000 medium, $500 small Ongoing
Named Endowed Funds – Donors may elect to establish and name endowed funds.
The General Endowment Fund $500,000 Available
(Sub-endowment funds may also be established by a donor and named at a minimum of $50,000)
Scholarship Endowment $50,000 SOLD: Rosenthal Family Scholarship Fund
Merit Scholarship Fund $125,000 SOLD: Jeri Cutler-Voltz Memorial Fund

“Our son always loves his SPARC classes and productions, but this one truly stood out in both his experience and the cast’s performance. His years of experience with SPARC have really influenced who he is today – He now has the confidence to take risks and the ability to appreciate the talents of those who surround him.”

SPARC Parent

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