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LIVE ART: Blue was a huge success!

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LIVE ART is a groundbreaking, inclusive arts education program for students of all abilities.

Having witnessed the powerful benefits of performing arts education in both typically developing students and students with special needs, SPARC allows students of ALL abilities to have performance training that is designed to build performing arts skills, deepen the ability to connect with peers and strengthen the personal foundation of each individual and unique child – just as they are – all at the same time.


was Sunday, June 5, 2016
in Richmond’s Altria Theater

people attended!

Our Stars:

250+ Students of All Abilities


“This was joyful, intriguing, high quality art that fed my heart and soul. My deep thanks to all of you who had the vision and ability to craft this gift to our community!”

“The LIVE ART experience was the best concert experience I have ever had in my life – bar none.”

“The magic created by seeing children of all abilities perform with the professional artists, and the impact the relationship had on the performances, was infectious. You could FEEL the professionals exerting their energy in support of the students.”

“I brought my Mom to the show. She was visiting from Ohio. She just turned 80 last week and she said it was the best show she has ever seen!”

“My family cannot stop thinking about the show. It was the most special thing that we can remember ever seeing or doing together. It was life-changing.


Watch LIVE ART Creator and Director Erin Thomas-Foley‘s 2015 TEDxRVA talk about the creation of LIVE ART.

See the Talk

by humanstory films

The LIVE ART Story
(About Year 1)
Winner of the 2013 PBS Online Film Festival

LIVE ART: Through the Artists’ Eyes
(About Year 2)

LIVE ART: Share Your Soul
(About Year 3)

Tori Pace and Friends from LIVE ART

Style Weekly

June 2, 2015
“Magic Hour”

Photo of Ajay Reddy by Dean Hoffmeyer/Times-Dispatch

Richmond Times Dispatch

May 18, 2015
“Student’s songs flow in a way words won’t”

Photo by P. Kevin Morley/Times-Dispatch

Richmond Times-Dispatch

April 11, 2015
“SPARC’s soul-centered third LIVE ART will feature new and returning artists”

Photo by Tom Topinka

Style Weekly

May 26, 2015
3rd Place: Style’s “Best Arts Event” Category

Richmond Times Dispatch

Dec. 16, 2013
“Live Art Becoming a Richmond Tradition”

Style Weekly

Dec. 17, 2013
“Lifted Up”

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Dec. 19, 2013
“LIVE ART Takes a Village To Immerse Kids in Performance”


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Pam and Bruce Belleman | Ron and Benita Felmus | The Costello Family
The Durham Foundation | Electric Power, Inc. | Troutman Sanders, LLP | Linda Mays

Our Documentary Film

In 2012, filmmakers Martin Montgomery and Bill Gaff were inspired to create a full length documentary film about the creation of LIVE ART. This film tells the story of how LIVE ART began and the heartwarming individual journeys of everyone involved.

FROM THE WINGS: The LIVE ART Story is currently being considered for national distribution by American Public Television. You can follow the journey of the film on our official FROM THE WINGS website.

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