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Catherine Dudley

Catherine is an American Sign Language interpreter by both vocation and passion. She interprets now in an educational setting, however, this is her second career path. Her first love was musical theatre. Before she discovered ASL, she was an actress for many years in regional theatres and traveled with a children’s theatre company. Since becoming a professional interpreter, she has been blessed to be able to interpret many plays and productions, as well as music, merging the two things that she loves. She has a heart for children and takes every opportunity to enrich her life by simply being around them. Her playful personality finds joy and a kindred spirit in every child she spends time with. Additionally, Catherine loves to sing, has a flare for graphic arts and a love of photography, all of which indicate a strong right-brained personality and a stereotypical “artist!” She is thrilled to be involved in Live Art and looks forward to every day spent on the project, seeing every little hand reflecting signs taught, and every moment spent with the children.