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Spotlight is SPARC’s traveling ensemble featuring
some of our most experienced and dedicated students.

From large crowds to intimate gatherings, Spotlight students inspire and engage the Richmond community by
representing SPARC at civic events.

Auditions on July 19 & 20!

Spotlight is an audition-only program, and its students receive exemplary instruction and exciting performance opportunities throughout the year. The only fee for participation is a $75 activity fee to cover the cost of some performance attire.

Reserve an Audition Time

What to Expect at Auditions

SPARC’s Spotlight Auditions are a chance to show what you’ve learned!

Information will be posted here when audition reservations begin on Wednesday, June 22!

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“Experiences through SPARC have changed our child’s life for the better in so many ways – she’s no longer a shy, quiet child – she loves the stage, public speaking, singing, dancing and acting and hopes to continue for many years to come.”

SPARC parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to re-audition each year for Spotlight?
Yes. Students have to audition each year for Spotlight even if they were previously involved.

What is the age range for Spotlight?
We welcome auditions from students in 6th to 12th grade.

For additional inquiries, please contact Brendan Kennedy, Program Director – Spotlight, at

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